Canadian Red Cross Courses

Through Valley First Aid School, you and your employees can train in specialized Red Cross courses, expertly designed to comply with the national health and safety legislation.

WorkSafeBC Courses

Our WorkSafeBC First Aid courses and programs are open to all mobile treatment centers, workers and industries in need to fulfill the national health and safety legislation. We train employees through certified knowledge and practices, based on high health standards, in order to help them to minimize all kinds of potential risks at workplaces. Valley First Aid School welcomes people from every branch of the local industry to participate in interactive classes and highly detailed medical theory, which ranges from the basic maneuvers in weak injuries to expert techniques during high-stress emergency events. All our program comes with all the books and resources required for the classes.

Other First Aid Courses

Complete your Occupational Medical Training with Valley First Aid Other Options

Besides the highly regarded WorkSafe BC and Red Cross programs, at Valley First Aid School we aim for even more higher education with thorough short term intensive courses.