Transportation Endorsement (TE) 

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Course Description and Goals

The WorkSafeBC approved Transportation Endorsement (TE) course special training for Occupational First Aid attendants is focused on teaching skilled first aid techniques during the transport or moving of an injured or ill worker to a proper medical facility.

The program serves as a valuable support for the OFA Level 1 program if you or your employees are working outside of the 20 minutes to Emergency Services or a healthcare center. Having a first aid attendant with a Transportation Endorsement assures the wellness of conscious or unconscious injured workers through the correct emergency transport principles and protocols.

The content of this course includes the techniques used by health professionals for caring, packaging and unpackaging patients who require or not a spinal motion restriction.

A training in TE also stimulates the co-operation and interaction between the first aid attendants and workers at a company with the healthcare centers. This not only reinforces the unity of your human resources, but it also develops safer workplaces with employees prepared for every type of occupational emergencies.

An OFA Level 3 certification is not required to enroll on the TE course. Imparted by professionals and paramedics, the WorkSafeBC approved Transportation Endorsement course includes all the books and materials required to attend the classes.

What Will You Learn?

  • Patient handling and lifting techniques.
  • Patient assessment and treatment during transport.
  • How to apply a hard collar.
  • How to secure a patient to spine board for transport via ambulance or helicopter.


The Transport Endorsement’s fee is $140. There are no taxes on this course.


The Transport Endorsement is an 8-hour long program.


Class time for TE is 8:30am to 4:30pm, Sundays. 


Companies should refer to WorkSafeBC (formally WCB) OHS Guidelines G#17 to determine the level of first aid for your business. Schedule 3-A for the minimum level of first aid.

This course is suitable for all Occupational First Aid Course students, or for employees who already completed at least one Level of these programs.

Suggested minimum age of 16 years old. Students must be able to physically perform the maneuvers to attend the program. The training involves prolonged kneeling and other uncomfortable positions on the floor, as well as rolling patients, stooping and lifting weights.


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Transportation Endorsement (TE)
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Transportation Endorsement (TE)