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Make First Aid Leaders In Your Company with WorkSafeBC Instructor Courses

The WorkSafeBC Instructor Course trains candidates to effectively share theory and skills related to the occupational first aid areas.

The certified students will be able to teach other these techniques in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act and the National Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, meeting the requirements of the actual health and safety regulations.

New trainers will be able to work directly in all kinds of industries to teach employees on how to correctly apply first aid during occupational emergencies and safety measures to create better and safer workplaces.

Students will learn communication principles, assessment theory, dynamic teaching and training philosophies that guarantees their new skills as expert instructors that will prepare new generations of lifesavers professionals.

Candidates will receive a valid certificate by WorkSafeBC once they finish the learning process, which deals with teaching principles and in-depth first aid principles and skills for both children and adults, such as CPR and defibrillator. The course fee also includes all the materials and digital books required to attend the classes.


Why Do You Need First Aid Instructors In Your Business?

WorkSafeBC instructors are part of a selected group of authorized teachers who complies with the current health legislation and provides a high value for your company employees and environments.

The employers and company owners are legally responsible for providing first aid instructions to all their workers.

In this case, supplying an exhaustive training to form instructors committed to learn and share occupational medical knowledge will provide a much safer infrastructure, not only to comply with this legal requirement but to improve the business response of an emergency incident, thanks to expert first aid instructors who are able to share the basic skills required to attend injuries and promote teamwork.

Trained by certified professionals with a passion for teaching, the instructors are able to impart the knowledge of medical response in occupational incidents, based on modern guidelines and standards while improving the safety in their workplaces and raising teamwork during all types of emergencies.

Gain valuable first aid and medical in-depth knowledge. Can train fellow employees, teammates, and members of their units inside your own workplaces. Improve safety by giving confidence on how to act in each emergency. Reduce costs in further training for new co-workers.


The WorkSafe BC Instructor Course’s fee is $950.


This is 5 days long programme (“teach the teacher” training)


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WorkSafeBC Instructor Course