Other First Aid Courses

Complete your Occupational Medical Training with Valley First Aid Other Options

Besides the highly regarded WorkSafe BC and Red Cross programs, at Valley First Aid School we aim for even more higher education with thorough short term intensive courses.

Get prepared with the best tools, highly trained instructor and detailed content which focus on the most important skills. We also impart other well-designed studies for communities and employees in many areas of the first aid and occupational health!

Take a quick read of all the additional training you can do with us:

Instructor Courses

Understand the nuances of medical instruction and obtain the skills required to share your knowledge of emergency treatment and first aid techniques. Our Instructor Courses is designed in partnership with WorkSafe BC and the Canadian Red Cross, and provides updated teaching strategies to spread emergency medical protocols to everyone.

In order to become a certified instructor, both courses have a framework of contents specially designed to transfer the first aid skills and emergency treatments to your community partners and work colleagues through dynamic classes and well-prepared practices.

Be part of the best group of first aid instructors. Together, we can make safer workplaces!


Industries in need to comply with the health law and regulation can enter our Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training.

This comprehensive program content will cover all measures necessary to protect employees from hazardous materials-related accidents, in a brief and straight-to-the-point teaching content schedule that helps you save money and time.

The course is designed to upgrade the safety of work environments in the risk of accidental contact with chemicals and other substances, by teaching the key graphical elements of labels of containers, as well as material safety protocols when handling them.

A proper WHIMS training is a legal responsibility for all companies that handle products and containers with this regulated labeling. Self-employed workers can apply to this course.


Open First Aid Courses

Everyone who wants to learn the basic first aid techniques during an emergency can enroll in 6 to 8 hours of training. This course is open to all public, no prior knowledge required.

The content of this program can be expanded with the Standard First Aid / CPR “C” program, which includes further skills and extensive training of the CPR technique.

Those who already finished the CPR program can also recertificate their studies in Valley First Aid!


Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support course is open to all medical professionals. This invaluable program aimed to all medics, nurses, and paramedics, teach the most important care techniques to stabilize the vital support on all types of patients during diverse emergency situations.


EMR Instructor Course

Want to share your skills and knowledge as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)? Our special EMR Instructor course will provide everything you need to form new professionals in this essential work of the health system.