Red Cross CPR Level C 

Learn the Most Important Life-Saving Technique With Our Red Cross CPR Level C program

This Red Cross-approved CPR Level C course is a comprehensive training that provides the theory and practice to successfully save a patient life during several high-risk events, such as heart attacks or near drownings.

The program is thoughtfully designed with open guidelines and strategies to be understood by all attendants, making it a great option to both health professionals who requires quick recertification or even homeowners who wish to be prepared to all types of events and take care of their family members during an emergency.

The Red Cross CPR Level C is a supportive six-hour long-program that compliments the skills gained on the WorkSafe BC OFAC levels. With this intensive program, students will be able to practice CPR with models while qualified trainers help them improve their movements and teach the correct ways of attending a patient in any circumstances.

By the end of the training, attendants will be able to successfully administer CPR to children and adults with full confidence, assess their vital signs and understand how the human body functions to make the right decisions at any given case.

What Is CPR And Why Should We Know How To Do It?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most used skills of first aid to stabilize a patient when the heartbeat or breathing stops, two life-risk situations that mostly occur during many different emergencies.

Once the heart or breathing suddenly stops, the patient may die within 7 to 10 minutes if its signs are not correctly restored. The lack of oxygenated blood flow puts the person in a delicate situation, severely compromising its organ and brain functions.

The technique allows the attendant to maintain oxygenated blood flowing to the vital organs and to the brain to keep the patient vital functions working until a proper health professional provides a fuller treatment.

In many cases, proper CPR performing not only save a life, but also preserve the integrity of that patient’s health. Understanding this valuable technique and how to apply it in a risk situation makes the difference between life and death in any given situation!

The Red Cross CPR C course is an affordable training designed by world-class instructors that comply with the current health legislation and ensures an in-person deep experience so any person understands the procedure and the steps for adults, as well as children.



The Red Cross CPR Level C’s fee is $110.


This is a 6 hour-long program.


Class time for CPR Level C are 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Available during Saturdays. 


by phone 250-376-9959 or via EMAIL  

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Red Cross CPR Level C
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Red Cross CPR Level C