Intermediate First Aid - OFA Level 2

Protect the lives of all employees with the WorksafeBC approved Occupational First Aid Course Level 2

Course Description and Goals

Our second level of the Occupational First Aid Course (OFA) is a week-long program which deepens into the knowledge of the first aid, and the duties behind it. This course goes into extensive details about managing critical interventions for conscious or unconscious patients after an occupational emergency.

LStudents will be able to check breathing, circulatory, and airway with C-Spine control assessment, as well as specific examination and medical emergencies treatment. The content also covers how to take the medical history of patients during risk situations.

Approved by WorkSafeBC, the second step of the first aid training is also thought for the places near a healthcare center. With this in mind, the course brings more medical complex content for the students in order to stabilize patients with severe conditions after high-risk workplace emergencies.

Imparted by highly-prepared instructors, this program teaches am intense and comprehensive series of skills and techniques to prepare the candidates for fires, work accidents, and other occupational disasters.

Our OFA Level 2 program includes all the books and materials required to attend the course. After completing all the theoretical classes and practices, as well as the tests, students will receive a WorkSafeBC certificate valid for 3 years, which can also allow the candidate to get a Medical Certificate of Fitness from a physician if required.

What Will You Learn?

  • The role and duties of an Occupational First Aid Attendant.
  • Scene assessment.
  • Primary survey.
  • Airway assessment with C-Spine control.
  • Breathing assessment. Circulatory assessment.
  • Secondary survey.
  • Vital signs.
  • History-taking.
  • Head-to-toe examination.
  • Medical emergencies.
  • Skin and soft tissue anatomy and function.
  • Management of soft tissue injuries.


The OFA Level 2’s fee is $725. 2024 prices are changing to $775 There are no taxes on this course.


The Occupational First Aid Course Level 2 is a week-long program.


Class time for Level 2 is 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.


Companies should refer to WorkSafeBC (formally WCB) OHS Guidelines G#17 to determine the level of first aid for your business. Schedule 3-A for the minimum level of first aid.


This course is suitable for people in the following industries: large building construction, large manufacturing, large road construction and flagging. No prior knowledge about first aid required to enroll.

Suggested minimum age of 16 years old. Students must be able to physically perform the maneuvers to attend the Occupational First Aid Course Level 2.


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Occupational First Aid Level 2
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Occupational First Aid Level 2


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