Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge Course

Be able to act in every situation with the Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge Course!

The Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge course efficiently introduces students to the right procedures, assessments, and on-going care during the transportation of a patient to a health care center. It provides entry-level content and practices aimed to reduce pain, maintain the vital signs and minimize the risk of injuries and illness at the mobilization of a person previous to a healthcare center treatment.

This dynamic program is designed to comply with the current health legislations and medical standards. Expertly taught by highly trained professionals certified by the Paramedic Association of Canada, the attendants will join in role-play practices based on real-life cases and emergencies, lectures and discussions to ensure a positive skill-practice.

The content covers all the important care techniques and pharmacology needed to control and transport any type of wounded patients in every case of emergency situations, including pregnancy labor, traumas, critical injuries and multiple-casualty incidents. The transportation classes also deals with the fundamentals of terrestrial and marine emergency treatment and mobilization, preparing the attendants to deal with situations in land, river and seas.

Coached by certified paramedics and health professionals, students will be assessed and coached throughout the training. The acquired skills and knowledge will be tested with various evaluations, as well as a final practical exam in which the attendants must practice a real-based medical scenario.

Content structure is open-ended, ideal for college-aged students, lifeguards, athletic trainers and employees in all types of industries that wish to apply for careers in healthcare center or law enforcement.

Students who successfully complete this course will obtain a valid EMR certification for 3 years. In order to obtain the license, certified students must contact the EMA Licensing Board to pay the right exam and fees. This course includes all the digital books and resources needed to attend the classes.

What Will You Learn in the Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge Course?

This program is build in a step-by-step cronogram. Trainers will indicate at each section which are the procedures to follow, based on the current medical standards.

It starts with a emergency scene assessment, in order to identify the details of the patient’s current state.

Then, students will establish all the caring options available through an extensive medical knowledge. This includes classes of anatomy and physiology to describe body functions and how to treat airway and respiratory emergencies, as well as bleeding and shocks. Special situations, such as pregnancies and patient mobilization on multiple casualty emergencies are also covered.

Finally, the course content describes the most common injuries (musculoskeletal and soft tissue) and how to treat them at place. Attendants will also be able to attend a pharmacology lessons designed to cover the most common illnesses and poisonings.


The Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge’s fee is $1,600 including books.


This is a 9 days-long program.


Class time for this Red Cross course is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

This course is suitable for all who have completed the OFA Level 3 program within the past 2 years or hold a current First Responder certificate.


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Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge