Red Cross Instructor Course 

The Red Cross Instructor Course is the Next Step For Your Workplace

The Canadian Red Cross Instructor course is aimed at candidates that wish to learn all skills necessary to teach the protocols and techniques of standard and emergency first aid to others in a concise way.

Our program prepares future instructors with the learning and teaching principles required to share their own skills in all types of work fields and environments, like schools, communities or their own workplaces.

Candidates will learn through expertly organized practices based on real-life cases in each section of the program. Red Cross certified instructors will accompany the groups at all times, to certify their involvement in the training.

Upgrade the safety of your workplace or local community by becoming a licensed first aid training provider with the highest quality course.

Expand your Employees Expertise with the Red Cross Instructor Course

Companies in need to strengthen their occupational first aid units will get numerous benefits of empowering their employees with the Red Cross Instructor Course.

Getting an adequate number of trained people with enough supplies will deeply reduce the chance of potential accidents in the workplace and increase their confidence while helping each other to overcome an incident, like an injury or illness-related emergency.

Forming a first aid instructor will improve even more these benefits. Expert-leaning employees certified as instructors can keep workplaces safer, by becoming fully-functional leaders in their areas during all types of emergencies, raising awareness of safe practices and sharing their own knowledge with their teammates.

Besides the gratifying experience of helping each other at the workplace, certified first aid instructors are key to reduce the impact of potential occupational emergencies on your human and material resources, as well as your business economy.


What Will You Learn?

In short, students will learn the principles of communication, assessment theory, dynamic teaching and training philosophies that guarantees their new skills as expert instructors that will prepare a new line of lifesavers professionals.

Candidates will be able to learn the details of first aid teaching, with the trust and confidence provided by the Red Cross values, principles, and knowledge. Classes are designed to prepare them to support upcoming groups with learn-centered practices, aimed to successfully teach upcoming students the correct movements and skills of the first aid principles.

Our certification process is achieved through the instructor pathway developed by the Red Cross organization:

Evaluate Skills and Check Prerequisites: we validate all students have the valid documents and requisites before enrolling them in the course. Fundamentals of Instruction: candidates who may enter the program will enjoy classroom classes and tests that will provide them the basic principles of teaching. Discipline-Specific Classroom Component: students will attend specific classes about first aid and CPR skills. Teaching Experience: practice the teaching principles through a controlled experience environment, aided by an instructor. Certification: after receiving our certification, new instructors are able to teach standard and emergency first aid principles, applied to both children and adults.


The Red Cross Instructor Course’s fee is $975.


This program is for 4 days.



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Red Cross Instructor Course
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Red Cross Instructor Course