Occupational First Aid Course Level 3

Empower employees with techniques to treat injuries after life-threatening accidents with WorksafeBC approved Occupational First Aid Course Level 3

Course Description and Goals

The third and final level of the Occupational First Aid Course (OFA) is a complete program designed to learn advanced maneuvers, techniques, and medical procedures in heavily injured patients during critical emergencies.

This course, approved by WorkSafeBC, is aimed towards industries and workers in high-risk workplaces, such as lumber mills and oil companies, and is also designed to comply with the current health laws on those areas.

Besides treatment to complex injuries, like burns, fractures, and dislocations, students will also get to know how to rapidly mobilize patients in said incidents and the correct principles of first aid during a high-stress situation.

Based on a detailed training, provided by dedicated instructors, the candidates will understand what are the best practices and critical interventions to treat people with a sudden cardiac arrest, eye injuries, external severe bleeding, environmental illnesses and shock, all of them delicate conditions that could complicate the health of their coworkers in short-term.

OFA Level 3 helps companies to prepare and respond to the more difficult emergencies, reducing time loss and injury claims by teaching their employees to take the right decisions by treating the injured on-site or providing a correct assessment of patients while transporting them to a healthcare center.

The level 3 course is designed as a 2-week long program, taught by a certified medical team specialized in handling emergencies. After completing the studies, face-to-face practices mediated by our trainers and a final test, candidates will receive a certificate valid for 3 years.

Our OFA Level 3 program includes all the books and materials required to attend the classes.

What Will You Learn?

The role and duties of an Occupational First Aid Attendant. Head-to-toe examination. Operate oxygen therapy equipment and insert oral airways. Medical emergencies. Skin and soft tissue anatomy and function. Management of soft tissue injuries. Principles of burn management. Ligament and tendon injuries. Manage soft tissue injuries. Manage oxygen therapy equipment. Patient positioning. Critical incident stress. Manage Oral Airways. Patient packaging for rapid transport. Management of circulatory emergencies. Manage circulatory critical interventions. Head and brain injuries. Neck and spinal injuries. Immobilization. General principles of management for fractures and dislocations.


The OFA Level 3’s fee is $895. 2024 prices are changing to $975. There are no taxes on this course.


The Occupational First Aid Course Level 3 is a 2 week-long program.


Class time for Level 3 is 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.



Companies should refer to WorkSafeBC (formally WCB) OHS Guidelines G#17 to determine the level of first aid for your business. Schedule 3-A for the minimum level of first aid.


This course is suitable for people in the following industries: lumber mill, pulp and paper mill, medic for oil and gas in BC (Alberta may require extra training), large logging companies, large road construction and Flagging.

Suggested minimum age of 16 years old. Students must be able to physically perform the maneuvers to attend the Occupational First Aid Course Level 3.


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Occupational First Aid Course Level 3
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Occupational First Aid Course Level 3


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