WorksafeBC approved Courses

Prepare your business to act well at every occupational emergency with WorksafeBC approved First Aid courses

Our WorkSafeBC approved First Aid courses and programs are open to all workers and industries in need to fulfill the national health and safety legislation. We train employees through certified knowledge and practices, basedon high health standards, in order to help them to minimize all kinds of potential risks at workplaces. Valley First Aid School welcomes people from every branch of the local industry to participate in interactive classes and highly detailed medical theory, which ranges from the basic maneuvers in weak injuries to expert techniques during high-stress emergency events. All our program comes with all the books and resources required for the classes.

Below you will find our 3 levels of courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced first aid students, including transport endorsement training, as well. For students wanting to recertificate or update their studies, we also have specific programs for them.

With our programs, employees will take the right decisions in a life or death decision, saving lives in the most complex emergencies at a workplace. We wait for you in our classrooms!


Valley First Aid School WorksafeBC approved First Aid Courses and Programs

Occupational First Aid Level 1. Occupational First Aid Level 2. Occupational First Aid Level 3. Occupational First Aid Level 3 (Evening Classes). Occupational First Aid Level 3 (Recertification). Occupational First Aid Level 3 (Update). Transport Endorsement (TE).

Be a Step Ahead of Emergencies with WorksafeBC approved Courses and Training

Keeping up-to-date first aid trained employees will drastically reduce all types of risks in your workplace. For many companies, conducting an extensive educational process on all areas and human resources assures they will be able to handle health-related emergencies and accidents in a correct and helpful way. Everyone has an important role to play in saving lives at the workplace. Through Valley First Aid School’s WorkSafeBC approved courses, our trainers teach to all supervisors and employees the most important techniques to support and carry out health and safety responsibilities. Moreover, first aid courses provide a higher value for companies, by certifying their workplaces are secure enough for the accomplishment of every job. Companies should refer to WorksafeBC (formally WCB) OHS Guidelines G#17 to determine the level of first aid for your business. Schedule 3-A for the minimum level of first aid.