BLS Recertification

Basic Life Support Recertification Course

The Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification Course is a 2 1/2 hour training program that is open to anyone who has already completed BLS training and is in need of recertification. After completing the course, students will reconfirm the CPR procedures, as well as the knowledge needed to use devices correctly.


The Canadian Red Cross BLS Recertification Course teaches fundamental procedures needed to save lives after cardiac arrest, airway obstruction, or any other situation that requires breath support and resuscitation. The program also delivers instructions for the optimal way to stabilize patients after common life-threatening emergencies, as well as providing students with the knowledge to best support other healthcare professionals when transporting patients to a designated healthcare center.


We combine both theoretical knowledge and practical training to optimize the learning objectives of this course. 


Our hands-on learning process also integrates interactive practices with mannequins based on real-life scenarios. Our certified instructors will provide comprehensive guidance, instructing students how to perform primary assessments, basic airway management, rescue breathing, and chest compressions. 


The course material provides training on strict medical protocols for any kind of situation, emphasizing emergency treatment in life-threatening emergencies, such as crashes and illness. Topics covered also include when patients may require additional care or support. All of the books and resources required to attend classes are included in the course fee.

Why You Must Know Basic Life Support?

BLS is the first step in the Chain of Survival, a systematic response protocol designed to provide immediate care to revive patients and minimize the impact of severe medical emergencies. In scenarios where minutes matter, possessing BLS skills is incredibly valuable in emergency situations. 


What Will You Learn at the Basic Life Support Course?

  • Glove removal.
  • Primary assessment.
  • CPR -- adult -- child -- infant -- neonate.
  • Bag Valve Mask use.
  • Defibrillators.
  • Airway obstruction -- responsive & unresponsive.


This is 2 1/2 hour program.


Class time for Basic Life Support Recertification Course is 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm


You must have proof of a current BLS certificate to take a recertification course.


Oxygen delivery - Pulse oximeter $30.00

Oropharyngeal Airway - Intubation $30.00


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BLS Recertification
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BLS Recertification