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Save Lives at Your Workplace or Home With the Red Cross Emergency First Aid Course

The Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid course teaches the most important principles of the first aid and how to use them during diverse types of emergencies at a workplace or at home.

Students will be able to understand how the medical regulation works and learn a vaster medicine related knowledge, including content about how body systems works, many different injury treatment, quick surveys and how healthy lifestyles influences responses of treatment during an emergency.

The course also includes content related to CPR classes for single patients and guidelines on how to act during the most common emergencies, which is convenient for people working in low-risk industries and workplaces. Family leaders and community members can also apply to the classes!

Red Cross Emergency First Aid Course Overwiew

Learn the most important techniques for First Aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in a welcoming environment. Participate in fun and engaging learning activities to reinforce the acquired knowledge. Open Practice all the moves, teached by professional instructors who will provide constant feedback. Obtain a certificate issued by the Canadian Red Cross valid for 3 years.

Why Learning Emergency First Aid With The Red Cross Program?

Due to its holistic approach, the Red Cross Emergency First Aid is a great alternative to make you be well prepared in any emergency. Even homeowners can also be part of this learning space, as well. The open structure of the content is programmed so everyone can become a qualified first aider and practice their new acquire skills in an dynamic and encouraging classroom.

Learn how to use first aid skills with professional instructors and build the confidence to attend in a real life situation. To ensure you get a great learning experience, the program contains many practical demonstrations, quizzes and different engaging activities in which the teachers supports you at any time with enthusiasm and knowledge.

Candidates who successfully complete all sessions will receive an emergency first aid certificate valid for 3 years. This program includes the digital books and a training pack required to attend the classes.

We wait for you to participate with us in the Red Cross Emergency First Aid Course!


What Will You Learn?

Principles of first aid. The emergency medical system. Body systems. Emergency action principles. Airway emergencies. Single person CPR. Secondary survey. Soft tissue injuries. Healthy lifestyle.


The Red Cross Emergency First Aid’s fee is $130.


This is an 8 hour-long program.


Class time for this Red Cross course is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. These are our 2021 scheduled days:



by phone 250-376-9959 or via EMAIL  

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