Canadian Red Cross Courses 

Become a First Aid Attendant with our Extensive Selection of Red Cross Courses

Through Valley First Aid School, you and your employees can train in specialized Red Cross courses, expertly designed to comply with the national health and safety legislation.

Students can broaden their skills in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and different emergency treatments, focused on the workplace and corporate environments, helping them to take the right decisions while saving lives in major emergency events or during occupational accidents, until the arrival of medical assistance.

As such, the instruction method is a mix of innovative practice, monitored by our caring instructors, and an interactive theory teaching approach on the classrooms.

The Red Cross-approved courses are designed to be completed in a few hours and are openly organized not only for employees of different industries but also for all members of communities and other professions that wish to attend first aid and other life-saving medical techniques for low-hazard environments, like offices or schools.

Be it for companies or for people who just want to be prepared during any type of events that requires their help, acquiring the abilities to successfully manage risks and reduce the time loss for a patient due to an injury or illness in order to save a life or the health integrity of a person.

At the workplace, the benefits of counting with a first aid attendant are many. Proper training provides the confidence and skills to employees to react and administer basic medical treatment at any situation to save the life of patients. However, besides the practical advantages, first aid programs also promote safer work environments and more cohesive teamwork when facing all situations.

Our programs also cover diverse transport and on-going care protocols during Emergency Medical Responser Bridges.

By the end of the content revision, our courses also cover health-related knowledge to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle, as a way to prevent further accidents linked to illness and disorders.

This training serves as an additional certification for the WorkSafe BC programs. The topics covered here improves the knowledge received in said courses and meet the requirements of British Columbia (BC) workplaces, as well.

All our programs come with all the digital books and resources required to attend the classes.

These are our Red Cross First Aid Courses available now:

  • Red Cross CPR Level C.
  • Red Cross Emergency First Aid.
  • Red Cross Standard First Aid.
  • Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Bridge.


Making our workplaces and environments safer is a job we all must do. We wait for you in our classrooms for Red Cross First Aid courses!