Standard First Aid Recertification & CPR “C” Course

Guard the lives of your beloved ones with the Standard First Aid & CPR “C” Course

The Standard First Aid & CPR “C” course will improve your treatment skills and provides you new fundamental techniques applicable to your daily life, such as the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the safely use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The content shared in this training functions to attend, control and manage the most common emergencies at home or work, while you wait for professional help. This program is designed to be suitable for parents, school teachers and employees of all kinds of facilities, as well as nursing students, drillers, sports trainers, lifeguards, and police officers.

Students will be able to treat body injuries, poisoning and understand how a healthy lifestyle can improve recuperation time after an accident, providing the added benefit of prevention classes to the medical treatment theory. Besides teaching the proper way to do CPR, our instructors also will impart special Automatic External Defibrillator practices, based on real-life scenarios.

The approved content, practices and classes are backed up by our caring professional instructor staff are also designed to meet the federal and territorial regulations.

Formed by highly-trained instructors, the candidates will be able to participate in well-designed practices and theoric classes, all based on the correct international medical protocols and following the current national legislation.

All the content provided is approved by WorkSafe BC. Students will gain a 3-year certification after completing the course. Digital books and material are included in the registration fee.


What Will You Learn at the Standard First Aid & CPR “C” course?

Principles of first aid. The Emergency Medical System. Body systems. Airway emergencies. Cardiovascular emergencies. Emergency Action Principles. 1 & 2 person CPR with child and infant CPR. Automatic external defibrillator. Head and spine injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries. Secondary survey. Soft tissue injuries. Sudden medical conditions. Poisons. Healthy lifestyles.


The Standard First Aid & CPR “C” Course’s fee is $140.



Standard Recertification is a 1 day-long program.




Class time for this course starts at 8:30 am.


This course is suitable for all people and communities. Suggested minimum age is 14 years old. Students must be able to physically perform the maneuvers to attend it.


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Standard First Aid Recertification & CPR “C” Course