Emergency First Aid Course 

Emergency First Aid Course Is An Open Training For Everyone

Knowing first aid can set the difference in a home or a facility emergency. Be sure on how to act and save the lives your loved ones in all kinds of unexpected events.

Valley First Aid School’s Emergency First Aid course is a special program designed to be open to all public. From parents to teachers and public workers, everyone can now be prepared to act and help during stressful events and stabilize patients while waiting for a proper medical response.

Students will be trained by highly experienced medical and emergency services instructors, who will accompany them at the classes and practices based on real-life scenarios. Our course also adds practical classes with mannequins, closely supervised by our caring professionals, to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automatic external defibrillator and survey process for both children and adults.

All the content provided is approved by WorkSafe BC. Students will gain a 3-year certification after completing the course.

Be it to save someone from suffocation or a heart attack, all the techniques learned in this quick comprehensive program can be applied to both children and adults. Join now the Emergency First Aid Course and protect your beloved ones during any type of emergency.


Why You Should Learn Emergency First Aid Course and Training?

For many of our attendants, being able to stabilize patients after an injury, incident or illness is the primary reason to get a proper emergency first aid training. It is known that fast reaction and knowledge of CPR and surveys are crucial when treating an injured person after an accident.

However, there are more benefits to enroll in our program:

Improves confidence at treatment: training and real-life scenario practices build confidence when attending an emergency, improving the chances of effectively manage the situation without confusion and focusing in doing the best. Teach how to properly use first aid kits: attendants will recognize the correct ways to use every element of the medical kits, saving time and reducing the injury severity. Reduce the recovery time: proper first aid means patients will get a quick and significative response to injuries, but it not only is done to save the healthy integrity, but it also helps to reduce the recovery time when it’s done right. Encourage safer environments: our open training model also builds safer environments through first aid and medical knowledge. Attendants can treat themselves, their family and friends in a proper way, while also raising awareness of healthy lifestyles to prevent incidents and injuries.

What Will You Learn?

Principles of first aid. The Emergency Medical System. Airway emergencies. Cardiovascular emergencies. Emergency Action Principles. 1 & 2 person CPR with child and infant CPR. Automatic external defibrillator. Secondary survey. Soft tissue injuries. Healthy Lifestyles.


The Emergency First Aid Course’s fee is $100.


The Emergency First Aid Course is a 7-hour program.


Class time for this course starts at 8:30 am.

This course is suitable for all people and communities. Suggested minimum age is 14 years old. Students must be able to physically perform the maneuvers to attend it.


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